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Case Office Furniture is committed to Being Green

If your project needs to meet the requirements of GREEN Programs such as FSC, LEED or Sustainability, Case Office Furniture will work with you to provide the right solution.

How are we Green?

  • Sheet goods used by Case Office Furniture meet the California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements. Starting January 1st 2009 CARB is regulating airborne formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products. All finished goods that are offered for sale, supplied, or manufactured in California must follow these requirements.

  • Case Office Furniture uses Computer Optimization for material usage to efficiently cut materials and to eliminate as much waste as possible. This reduces cost, saving you money and keeps excess waste material out of the environment.

  • Case Office Furniture utilizes low VOC Lacquer Thinners, and is continually working with our finishing suppliers to implement new technology and cleaner finishing practices.

  • Case Office Furniture has invested in a HVLP Finishing System for wood veneer products. This system uses less material by reducing over-spray that clogs air filters and could leak into the environment. This allows us to consume less finishing materials and helps keep us well under the limits of our Government Air Quality Permit.

  • Keep your job-site Green and Recycle! - Case Office Furniture uses 100% recyclable packaging materials on our furniture! So don’t just throw away what can be recycled!

  • Our Stretch Wrap is 100% Recyclable.

  • Our Corner Guards are made from 98% Recycled Materials, maintain a SFI Certified Sourcing Label from Sustainable Forrestry Initiative ® and are 100% Recyclable.

  • Our Corrugated Cardboard is made with a 100% Recycled Core and a 50% Recycled Exterior, it is 100% Recyclable.

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